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Our Partnerships

Our children and young people deserve a chance to grow, develop and thrive in a safe and supportive environment. That is why we have established partnerships with local schools and authorities to create more opportunities and memories for them. We appreciate the trust and cooperation that we have with our partners, and we are always eager to find new ways to expand our network and impact.


We invite any organisations, individuals or councils who share our vision and goals to join us in making a positive difference.

Bath & North Somerset Council Logo

Bath & North Somerset Council

Dorset Council Logo

Dorest Council

South Gloucestershire Council Logo

South Gloucestershire Council

Bristol City Council Logo

Bristol City Council

North Somerset Council Logo

North Somerset Council

Torbay Council Logo

Torbay Council

Cornwall Council Logo

Cornwall Council

Plymouth City Council Logo

Plymouth City Council

Wiltshire Council Logo

Wiltshire Council

Devon County Council Logo

Devon County Council

Somerset Council Logo

Somerset Council

Our Team

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Looking to do something amazing - Learn more about becoming a member of our team

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