Outreach Services

We have built a reputation for professionalism, resilience, kindness and impactive support. We work closely with Local Authorities, Schools, Hospitals and Children's Homes providing skilled and experienced Support Workers to help children, young people and their families. We support individual families to reduce conflict and with support further develop their skills; we supervise parenting, we support family visits, as well as helping to re-engage children in education. We are committed to offering high quality, services which ensure that positive outcomes are achieved. 

Our outreach support services help strengthen families and keep children safe whilst our commitment to improving relationships has assisted to support family reunification. Our therapeutic approach allows our support workers to build positive relationships which we believe are the foundations of all of the work that we do. 


Our skilled, trained and experienced staff provide a 24/7 rapid response to children and families in crisis, enabling them to overcome the difficulties that have led to the family being at risk of breakdown, and prevent further escalation and referral to care proceedings. Whether we’re supporting young adults to thrive in the community, a new parent in hospital or at home or supporting children and young people in care, we will make sure we provide the right support at the right time. 

We pride ourselves on providing teams of resilient professionals who skillfully support and nurture the children, young people and families we support.

General Enquiries

To make a referral:

01823 756100


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