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Outreach Services

Our Outreach Services are designed to support short-to-medium term emergency placements for children, young people, adults and potentially even their families as they encounter periods of deep crisis in their lives. These people will require a vast and varied array of bespoke support and care. We have a dedicated team of highly-trained professionals on hand, ready to respond to the rapidly developing situations these vulnerable people find themselves in.


In contrast to our Supported Living service, instead of working with these groups in long-term accommodation, our Outreach Service team work closely with Local Authorities, hospitals, schools and Children's Residential Homes to help those in need. This means that even in a person's worst moments, we will be on hand to offer support, care and stability. Due to the incredibly complex and varied circumstances vulnerable people will find themselves in, our staff are trained to an incredibly high standard; allowing them to offer bespoke, and often unique, support to people that desperately need it.


Our Outreach Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, because those that need us do not have the luxury of choosing when they are having a crisis; they just need immediate, rapid and high quality support.


We are proud of our resilient professionals who skillfully support and nurture the people we work with.

Our Team

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