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We are a professional, resilient, and kind team that offers bespoke and tailored support to children, young people and their families. We collaborate with various institutions to provide skilled and experienced support workers who can help with the varying and complex needs of our children and young people.


Our Supported Living services are tailored to provide longer-term care for a wide variety of children and young people in urgent need of care and support. These people are almost always those that come from a deeply troubled background and are often here without any form of support network or family. Such young people may be Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children (UASC) or those who have lost their family. They may need immediate and comprehensive care, support and tools to help provide stability, often for the first time in their short lives. These young people will come from a wide variety of backgrounds, often having recently had to leave their home country without any guidance, support, or any idea on what their future will hold.


At Empower Family Group, we provide homes with 24/7 support through on-site trained professionals that use their extensive skill sets to offer these children and young people a solid foundation on which they can grow and develop. The aim with all children and young people in our Supported Living system is to eventually aid them in moving into their own home, fully able to support themselves with a scaling support network that adapts to their needs. This scaling support network starts with the individual living in our 24/7 staffed homes. When they believe they are ready, they move into a home with support staff on hand 14 hours of the day to help the individual learn and get comfortable with living alone. When they are ready, we help them with purchasing their own home and fully adapting to their new life, the final stage of our process. 


We are proud of our resilient professionals who skillfully support and nurture the people we work with.

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