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What is it like being a Children's Support Worker?

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Many people might wonder what it is like to be a children's support/ care worker. Well, we thought it might be helpful to hear from one of our team members what their experience has been like.

Hello, my name is Fran, before I worked for Empower I worked closely with children and young people running a riding school. I have always wanted to pursue a career within children's social care and then, when the pandemic hit I knew it was time to make a change and explore my ambition further.

"Everyday I wake up and I have to pinch myself, I just love working with children and young people, I find it so rewarding."

One thing, I do see is that the positive impacts of your work as a support worker, and this goes for me and all my wonderful colleagues, extend far beyond your day to day role. Helping to build a safe and loving environment for a child where they can learn and grow, means that you are giving them a better chance of a happy, healthy and thriving future. It's something that many of us take for granted. But there are so many children and young people who are in desperate need of just that.

As a Children's Support Worker you will also have the satisfaction of being involved in a child’s intellectual, social and emotional development. It’s a job which demands patience, and perseverance, and, of course, an instinctive personal need to do the best for the children in your care but one which comes with so many rewards, wonderful memories made and happiness.

Don't get me wrong, there are challenges, like with any job, but these are always outweighed by all the positive experiences and professional friends you get to make as part of the journey.

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