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The Empower Family Group Charity of the Year goes to...

All our team members, children and young people were given the opportunity to vote on which charity should be our chosen charity for the year (21/2022). After an exciting vote, we are pleased to share that Service Dogs UK was chosen as our nominated charity!

Service Dogs UK changes lives two at a time for Veterans and 'rescue dogs'. They train our four legged friends to become PTSD Assistance dogs, the rescue dogs are carefully selected before training begins. Once fully trained they are matched with a member of the Armed Forces and Emergency Services (including Coast Guard, RNLE and UKSAR) who have Post-Traumatic Serss Disorder (PTSD) to help and love each other.

In the last 4 months we have contributed with Amazon, raising £586.16. We’re delighted that the monies raised are going to such a good cause which was chosen by our caring children and family team members.

If you would like to find out more about Service Dogs UK, please visit their website:

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